Preparing for Kokoda

Well this will be the first of many posts with regards to my preparation for the mammoth task of walking Kokoda.

Things are really taking shape and apart from muscle soreness I am on track.
We are trying to gather corporate support to help fund our vision to educate school leavers about the importance of organ registration. I feel strongly that talking to this group will end the “Grey” area around this topic.

As of today 24/7/18 I have walked 2230kms since the 20/11/17. I am also training at RPA Pulmonary Rehabilitation Gym and have started carrying 10-20kgs for the 2 hour sessions. These sessions consist of high cardio, weight conditioning and core training. The next challenge was to start boxing and now that has happened. You can see by the photo it was Full On!!!

That session was a 40 minute run with Sprints and then 7 x 3 minute rounds on heavy bags and speed balls. Can’t believe I can say that I am achieving this.

These photos are all taken from the last 12 months. As you can see a beautiful soul left me a very special gift. I will not let them or their family down.

None of this was possible without their incredible donation.

Never give up….


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